Mactics' Arc Hunter



Mactics' Arc Hunter
Mactics' Arc Hunter

Arc Hunter build for PvE by Mactics

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Found VerdictLegendary Shotgun

One-Two Punch is the main perk that is sought after for a shotgun. Found Verdict has Slideshot and Surplus available in the other column which makes this a good choice to be paired in this melee build.


Assassin's CowlExotic Helmet

Melee kills and finishers provide healing and invisibility, making a CQC build survivable in all content in the game. Different enemy types give varying effects:

Melee Invisibility:

  • Minor: 6.8 s | Major: 9.8 s | Miniboss: 12.8 s | Boss: 13.3 s

Finisher Invisibility:

  • Minor: 9.8 s | Major: 12.7 s | Miniboss: 15.8 s | Boss: N/A
How it Works

There are a lot of moving pieces to this build, but what it ultimately comes down to is landing high damage melees which give a plethora of effects on a kill, making this up close and personal melee build very survivable. The interaction between Gambler's Dodge and Combination Blow is most important to learn. Gambler's Dodge will refill Combination Blow when near an enemy, and defeating a target with Combination Blow will completely refill Gambler's Dodge energy.

The benefits of using a melee on an enemy are plenty. The first is tied in an Aspect, Lethal Current, which is activated after dodging and increases melee lunge distance, Jolts, and creates an aftershock that damages nearby enemies. The exotic Assassin's Cowl makes melee kills and finishers restore some health and grants invisibility. Mods will make melee kills create Orbs of Power as well as replenish super and grenade energy.

The other two abilities in the build, Gathering Storm and Pulse Grenade, are nothing to scoff at. Gathering Storm is a very strong single target damage super, and Pulse Grenade is strong in its own right, but is extended with Spark of Magnitude and Jolts targets with Spark of Shock. Be sure to utilize these abilities when possible.

The last bit of the build is in weapons. Using a shotgun with One-Two Punch will increase melee damage even further, and is strongly recommended in this build. The other two options are quite flexible. With Combination Blow being the primary means in which enemies are damaged, using two special weapons is best, and the other slot can be occupied by Witherhoard, Arbalest, a Trace Rifle, or a grenade launcher. Using two special weapons will also create more heavy bricks for the heavy weapon of your choice.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge to activate Lethal Current and refill melee energy if needed
  2. Melee an enemy to build a stack of Combination Blow, Jolt the target, create a damaging aftershock, heal, refill Dodge energy, spawn an Orb of Power, and go invisible
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until Combination Blow is at maximum stacks (up to 3 stacks)
  4. Continue chaining dodges, melees, and finishers to keep Combination Blow stacks up and receive all of the benefits from melee kills and Assassin's Cowl
  5. Damage down and Jolt higher health targets with Pulse Grenade and Gathering Storm when they are available as well as utilize a One-Two Punch shotgun to increase melee damage
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