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Stats Priority


CrimsonExotic Hand Cannon

With a 3 round burst, Crimson can hit the max 10 stacks of Lucky Pants very quickly, heal on kills, and can continuously fire due to its reload on precision final blows.

Alternative options are Malfeasance and Eriana's Vow


Lucky PantsExotic Leg Armor

Upon drawing a fully loaded kinetic or matching subclass element hand cannon, you receive a stacking buff per hand cannon hit for 5.5 total seconds, with each stack granting 60% increased hand cannon damage, maxing out at 600% after 10 hits which stacks with Surge mods and the Radiant buff.

This buff can be quickly applied by pulling out your Ghost and putting it away, which counts as redrawing your hand cannon.

How it Works

The main gameplay loop of this build is based around Lucky Pants. Crimson is the recommended hand cannon to utilize alongside Lucky Pants. When readying Crimson, landed shots will apply a damage buff that increases hand cannon damage by 60% per stack, at a max of 10 stacks (600% damage boost) for 5.5 seconds. After that timing window, the buff as a cooldown for 10 seconds while the Out of Luck debuff is active.

The Lucky Pants damage buff will stack with the 17% damage buff from two Kinetic Weapon Surge mods and the 25% damage buff from Radiant. When all buffs are stacked together, you will have a 923% damage boost to Crimson.

The subclass rounds out the rest of the build and is utilized during the wind down time of Lucky Pants. Knife Trick will be the primary ability due to it giving the Radiant buff through Ember of Torches, and refunding itself on kill. Gambler's Dodge is used as a contingency plan if Knife Trick doesn't land a kill.

Defeating scorched targets will create a Firesprite from Ember of Searing, and Firesprites will grant restoration from Ember of Mercy. With Ember of Solace restoration from Healing Grenade and a Firesprite has a longer duration as well as the timer of the Radiant buff; and when these buffs are applied to teammates, Ember of Benevelonce will increase ability regeneration rate of all abilities. Blade Barrage alongside Knock 'em Down gives one of the highest damage supers in the game.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Hit an enemy with Knife Trick to receive a 25% weapon damage boost from Radiant
  2. Draw hand cannon to activate Lucky Pants
  3. Land as many shots with your hand cannon to get to 10 stacks on Lucky Pants
  4. Continue using your hand cannon until the damage boost subsides
  5. During the Out of Luck debuff, utilize Knife Trick until Lucky Pants are available again
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