IFrostBolt's Strand Hunter



IFrostBolt's Strand Hunter
IFrostBolt's Strand Hunter

Strand Hunter build for PvP by IFrostBolt

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Round RobinLegendary Hand Cannon

The recommended perks are Keep Away for the improved accuracy and +10 Range this gives to the weapon when 15+ meters away and Kill Clip for two taps after a kill which can be activated from a Marksman's Dodge reload.


Cyrtarachne's FacadeExotic Helmet

This helmet gives Woven Mail for 10 seconds when Grapple is used. This gives damage resistance to body shots, making the user tankier.

How it Works

This PvP build takes advantage of the many intricacies that Strand Hunter can utilize around the Grapple ability. The exotic for the build is Cyrtarachne's Facade which gives Woven Mail for 10 seconds each time Grapple is used. This improves survivability by granting damage resistance to body shots.

The other benefits of Grappling are granted through the Fragment Thread of Ascent which gives the following bonuses after using Grapple: reloads equipped weapon, grants increased Handling, bonus Airborne Effectiveness, and increased Reload Speed. Strand Hunter gets two Grapple charges, so be sure to Grapple to an existing Grapple Tangle to refresh these buffs for free as it will not utilize Grapple's charge if shot at a Tangle.

The other very important Fragment of the build is Thread of Transmutation which creates a Tangle when the user has Woven Mail. Tangles can be shot to create an explosion that can be buffed by the artifact perks Untangler and Threaded Blast to Suspend targets hit by the blast. With the build most kills will create a Tangle due to how often Grapple will be available. Be sure to shoot the resulting Tangle when other enemies are nearby to chain together kills and take out clustered opponents.

On the surface, the super is arguably the weakest part of Strand Hunter's kit, but can be a strong portion if used properly. The Fragment Thread of Binding is used to buff the super by emitting a Suspending burst on super final blows for easier multi-kills. It is important to know that Grapple and Ensnaring Slam can continuously be used while in super. This makes it easier to close the gap on targets and Suspend other supers to win 1v1 super fights. Grapple and Ensnaring Slam can be used in tandem in or out of super, and it is recommended to try to land behind enemies to force them to turn around. Use those abilities to supplement the super and stick to the light attack which has a quicker cast time, one shots enemies, and has a generous hit box.

The final Fragment slot is a flex spot per the users choice. Good options are Thread of Rebirth for a potential Threadling being created on Strand Weapon kills or other Fragments that grant stat bonuses.

The mods of the build are for buffing Strand weapons by boosting Handling, Reload Speed, Accuracy, and reducing flinch. The other important mod to take note of is the use of two Reaper mods. This will create Orbs of Power when getting a kill after a dodge. When two orbs spawn the first will be at the target's location, the second will spawn in the very center of the map.

Strand Hunter is now the fastest subclass in the game with their newly acquired mobility. Leveraging this mobility will allow the user to get the most out of the build. The first thing to know is cancelling the Grapple. To do so use the Grapple then cancel by pressing the Grenade button again or swapping weapons. This allows the user to have a weapon out when engaging rather than waiting on the ready speed. The second tech is to Grapple, shoot, then melee. This lets the user quickly change directions to juke an enemy or even get in a quick melee after a shotgun shot to finish a weakened enemy. The next tech is the swing around which allows the user to quickly traverse the map by singing around corners, to do so shoot Grapple at a corner to be rounded, move the cursor away from the corner, and then steer the cursor along the bend. The final tech is being able to stay in air indefinitely. With two charges of Grapple, shoot one Grapple to create a Grapple Tangle in the air, shoot the Grapple Tangle with the other Grapple charge, Jump (which is refreshed after a Grapple), and repeat. This can be used to hover over corners, get away from supers, etc.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Grapple to quickly Traverse the map, get weapon stat bonuses, reload weapon, and gain Woven Mail
  2. Kill any opponent with or affected by Strand abilities to create a tangle.
  3. Shoot the Tangle to chain together kills.
  4. If Dodge was used prior to the kill collect the created Orbs of Power for reduced grenade cooldown and to begin health regeneration
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