Class Item

Stats Priority


WinterbiteExotic Glaive

When utilizing the melee attack the weapon in the energy slot will be leveled up.


Orpheus RigExotic Leg Armor

Allows you to use Shadowshot a second time to tether more enemies, and gives super energy allowing you to potentially get another super.

How it Works

This build is for leveling crafted weapons in the Breakneck mission where the free Rally Banner can be placed or at Shuro Chi.

Shadowshot: Deadfall will spread damage amongst tethered targets and all the kills count for weapon progress. Orpheus Rig is used to get a second shot of tether and will refund super energy, potentially leading to another super. Dynamo is used to generate super energy when dodging near enemies, utilize dodge near tethered enemies to get a lot of super energy before getting weapon kills. Tier 10 Intellect is prioritized to get a second super during runs.

The other mods used should match the weapon element being used. The example mods are a mock set up for a Void build. Loader, Scavenger, and Siphon mods are in use. The final mod that needs to be changed is the Ammo Finder mod to match the ammo type of the weapon being leveled.

The fragments used are based towards stats and by no means mandatory, but the only thing to make sure of is NOT using Echo of Expulsion as the explosions it creates will not count as level progress.

The final thing to is the potential use of Winterbite. When using the Winterbite melee it will level up the weapon equipped in the energy slot. This will not work for a kinetic weapon and obviously not for a power weapon.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Shoot Shadowshot into a group of enemies
  2. Dodge near enemies to get super energy from Dynamo
  3. Get weapon kills
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