Fallout's Completely NOT-Broken Tripmine Trials Build

Fallout Plays

Fallout Plays

Fallout's Completely NOT-Broken Tripmine Trials Build
Fallout's Completely NOT-Broken Tripmine Trials Build

Solar Hunter build for PvP by Fallout Plays











Class Item

Stats Priority


Defiance of YasminLegendary Sniper Rifle


Young Ahamkara's SpineExotic Gauntlets

These gloves boost Tripmine Grenades in various ways: Duration is increased from 10 to 30 seconds, blast radius is increased, Tripmine health is increased, Fastball is built in, explosions do not deal self-damage, and ability damage gives Tripmine Grenade energy.

How it Works

Tripmine Grenades are 100% too strong in PvP right now, and until Bungie notices, you can benefit from them very easily. The Young Ahamkara’s Spine Exotic Gauntlets will take your tripmine duration from ~10 seconds to about ~30 seconds, give you intrinsic 'Fastball', protect you from your own Tripmine explosions, give better blast radius, are more difficult for enemies to destroy, and give you instant grenade energy back for simply hurting someone with either your Tripmine or Melee ability. All of that in ONE EXOTIC.

This build plays into how strong these gloves make Tripmines. Both Tripmine Grenade and the Proximity Explosive Knife can be served to directly damage opponents near a wall it is applied to as well as be placed as a trap for area denial, landing damage, or even scoring kills on enemies who trigger these traps later on. Due to the added amount of health these grenades have they will be a nuisance for enemies to clear them. Ability hits will give back grenade energy and they will Scorch targets. With the Ember of Singeing mod, Scorched targets will then make Dodge recharge faster. Dodge is important due to the use of the Bomber mod which reduces grenade cooldown when dodging. It is recommended to use multiple of these mods if possible.

Other Fragments you can experiment with based on your playstyle. Ember of Resolve is a solid choice, as any solar grenade final blow will immediately cure you in the heat of battle. Ember of Searing is also recommended, as defeating a scorched enemy (all tripmined enemies will be scorched) will create a Firesprite, and touching a Firesprite will return more grenade energy. While ignitions are not likely to happen with this build, Ember of Char can provide +10 Discipline to help get you to T10 Discipline if needed. If playing Trials (which is where I recommend using this build), pair Ember of Solace & Ember of Mercy together for team restoration after reviving an ally. Outside of Trials, Ember of Beams can be used for better Super performance.

Due to the strength of the grenades in this build, double Grenade Kickstart is being used which will grant Grenade Energy when throwing a grenade. This effect is increased when any stacks of Armor Charge are present after picking up Orbs of Power. The primary means of creating orbs is through the Reaper mod which will create an orb when landing a kill after dodging. An orb of power will also reduce ability cooldowns from the leg mods applied.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw Tripmine Grenade in commonly traversed areas; grenade cooldown will be reduced by Grenade Kickstart mods
  2. Use Throwing Knife to lay another trap or directly deal damage to enemies
  3. Deal damage with the lingering Tripmine Grenade and/or other solar abilities to quickly recharge another Tripmine Grenade, Scorch targets, reduce Dodge cooldown via Ember of Singeing, and if they are killed will create a Firesprite
  4. If landing a kill after using Dodge, Reaper will activate and create an Orb of Power which will reduce cooldowns and increase the efficacy of Grenade Kickstart
  5. If more grenade energy is needed in a pinch, use Hunter Dodge ability to activate Bomber
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