A Build of Ice and Fire

A Build of Ice and Fire
A Build of Ice and Fire

Stasis Hunter build for PvE











Class Item

Stats Priority


MalfeasanceExotic Hand Cannon

One of the primary damage dealers of this build. With Lucky Pants, its catalyst which gives Vorpal Weapon, and a Kinetic Weapon Surge mod this weapon will get a 824% damage bonus. If you are in a Well of Radiance and the target is frozen, Whisper of Rending ups this to a 1552% damage bonus.


Lucky PantsExotic Leg Armor

These boots buff Hand Cannon damage for every shot landed by 60% per hit, up to a total of a 600% damage bonus. This lasts for 5.5 seconds, and then has a 10 second cooldown in the Out of Luck debuff. Use this downtime to utilize other weapons.

How it Works

This build is all about single target damage. The two weapons that'll primarily be dealing damage are Malfeasance and Apex Predator. The energy weapon of the build is optional as it is primarily being used to activate Bait and Switch and Whisper of Impetus.

Malfeasance gets its damage bonuses through the use of Lucky Pants which gives a 600% damage bonus after 10 hits once it is swapped to, the weapon's catalyst in Vorpal Weapon that gives a 20% damage bonus, a Kinetic Weapon Surge mod which gives a 10% damage bonus, and Whisper of Rending which gives a 43% damage bonus to a frozen target which can be done from using Silence and Squall on the target. These bonuses stack with a Well of Radiance and all together make Malfeasance deal 16.5x its base damage. The Lucky Pants buff only lasts for 5.5 seconds, and then has a 10 second cooldown. This is the primary window in which you'll then use Apex Predator.

Apex Predator is utilized as it has Reconstruction to passively reload when using other weapons which synergizes well with Bait and Switch that is activated by utilizing all weapons for a 35% damage bonus. The cycle is started off by shooting Apex Predator because this initial shot counts towards activating Bait and Switch, giving maximum uptime for the 35% damage bonus.

To up DPS during the cycle Marksman's Dodge and Whisper of Impetus are used to circumvent reloading. Whisper of Impetus will reload stowed weapons when using Withering Blade, so be sure to have your energy weapon out before throwing Withering Blade to reload both Apex Predator and Malfeasance.

Gameplay Loop

The damage cycle is as follows:

  1. Shoot one shot of Apex Predator
  2. Use Silence and Squall
  3. Swap to Malfeasance
  4. Shoot Malfeasance for the entirety of the 5.5 second Lucky Pants damage buff
  5. Swap to and shoot energy weapon once
  6. Swap to Apex Predator and shoot twice
  7. Dodge to reload Apex Predator
  8. Shoot Apex Predator
  9. Swap to energy weapon
  10. Throw Withering Blade to reload Malfeasance and Apex Predator
  11. Swap to Apex Predator and shoot
  12. Repeat steps 7-9
  13. Swap to and shoot Malfeasance now that the Out of Luck debuff is over