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12% AP

88% AD

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Yone General information

Yone skills

Weg des Jägers
Weg des JägersP

Yone doubles his total critical strike chance from all sources. Yone begins attacking with his Steel Sword, and basic attacks with the Azakana Sword deal 50% AD physical damage and 50% AD magic damage.

Sterblicher Stahl
Sterblicher StahlQ
Abklingzeit: 4 SekundenCost: 0 manaReichweite: 450

Yone thrusts his sword in a target direction. If Mortal Steel hits an enemy, Yone gains a stack for 6 seconds. Once he has 2 stacks, activating his Q will consume the stacks and cause him to dash and unleash a whirlwind that deals damage and knocks up enemies. The thrust is interrupted if Yone is hit by hard CC.

Bloßgelegte Seele
Bloßgelegte SeeleW
Abklingzeit: 16 SekundenCost: 0 manaReichweite: 700

Yone cleaves with his Azakana Sword in the target direction, dealing physical and magic damage to enemies hit in a cone. He gains a shield when he uses this ability, which is increased if he hits an enemy champion

Entfesselter Geist
Entfesselter GeistE
Abklingzeit: 22 / 19 / 16 / 13 / 10 SekundenCost: 0 manaReichweite: 25000

Active: Yone dashes in a target direction and creates an untargetable clone that is sent behind the original cast location. While in Spirit Form, he gains movement speed and marks champions he damages. Recast: Yone cleanses himself of all CC (apart from disarm, nearsight, silence and slow), detonates the marks and dashes back to his body.

Besiegeltes Schicksal
Besiegeltes SchicksalR
Abklingzeit: 120 / 100 / 80 SekundenCost: 0 manaReichweite: 1000

Yone winds up and blinks forward. All enemies who are in line with him will get stunned briefly, dealt damage and pulled towards Yone’s blinking position. They’re then knocked up. Yone will then attempt to blink beyond the last enemy hit. If he didn’t hit an enemy, he will blink to his Ultimates maximum range.

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